Our Mission

SFP Interior Design Ltd has over 15 years experiences on interior design and construction firm in Hong Kong and China. SFP aims to provide a professional and innovative design while maintaining outstanding service and strict cost control so as to achieve our mission.

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Providing highly precise project management and meticulous design is our top mission.

Time is money. A perfect teamwork is essential to every steps of our project. We are strict to our project management to uphold the pace and standard of our projects. We have a strong spirit among the team. We believe frequent communication is the solution to every projects and contingency; we believe team spirit is the key of solving problem swiftly and harmoniously. Our ultimate-goal is completing the projects beyond client’s expectation.

Despite using same materials and following same processes, the result of the construction could be poles apart if it is done by different people. All our craftsman has been working in this field for more than 20 years. They are all highly experienced and highly-proficient in this artistry. Besides, our professional supporting team work behind to studying the use of various tools for enhancing construction techniques, in order to provide design and renovation services that have a high price-performance ratio.

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